Polar POS Orange


The Polar POS Orange is a sleek point of sale system for retail and restaurant businesses that need a powerful software and reliable hardware that matches their business not just in operations but also visually. The Orange point of sale system solution includes 15” touch screen, low cost maintenance because of its modular design and made for ease of repair, wide range of Intel processors to ensure the products the user’s expectations and comes in a variety of colors as well.

This solution is well adapted for businesses where image counts, such as boutiques, bars/clubs and electronics stores where a powerful and well-designed point of sale system is essential for optimal business operations. This system is highly affordable and includes many modular upgrade options and add-on peripherals that can be easily expanded later on.

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Polar POS is a state of the art point of sale system for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, fast food and grocery stores.

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