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POS System Features

Analytics and Big Data

Analytics and Big Data are becoming more prevalent in various industries and this includes the retail and hospitality industry. This data is invaluable as it gives insight into the operations of a business that otherwise would be under the surface and unseen. This data can be utilized to improve customer's experience at the business, increase efficiency, reduce waste and provide the products that customers want. Analytics can analyze various different factors, show correlations from which business owners can make informed decisions.

Polar POS uses a powerful big data engine that can sort, analyze and process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately. This engine is open source and is utilized by a number of large businesses. Polar POS users have the option of using the local data analytics or Polar POS' cloud analytics engine. We have also added artifical intelligence within our point of sale analytics tool to provide informative and dynamic suggestions to business owners and managers.



We have integrated a popular and powerful database engine that is flexible, provides built-in encryption, utilizes computer resources efficiently and allows for added redundancy in the point of sale data. This engine is trusted by millions of individuals to properly store their data and is known for its incredible stability.


Point of Sale Security

We understand how important security is for our customers and how critical it is when a point of sale system is used to process electronic payments. This is why we have made Polar POS to conform to the latest PCI-DSS security standards and continue to monitor for security alerts and make repairs quickly. Additionally we have made a number of operations secure by default, this includes all communications and data storage.



Our pos system is used by a number of various businesses from retail to hospitality which includes cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. This is because Polar POS has all the features needed for hospitality from modifiers, to support for kitchen printers and kitchen displays, online ordering support, customizable screens for different sections and table management.


POS System Hardware

One of the best ways to provide a pos system that would fit the need for any customer is to make it incredibly modular and customizable and one way that Polar POS does this is through support of various hardware components from different manufacturers. This means that customers can get the best price but also by choosing the different hardware pieces that would fit their particular business best.


eCommerce Integration

eCommerce is becoming more important part of business, this means for retail stores and hospitality businesses the ability for users to place orders online and come to the store to pick up or to be delivered. Polar POS system integrates with one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce which is a free and runs on top of Wordpress is fully integrated and supported by Polar POS. The support is for products, orders, customers and promotions.


POS System Screenshots

Product Manager

Shelf Labeler

Promotion Manager

Cashier Screen

Report Center

Inventory System

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